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Lifted and pulled right through my skull to open air. I stretch and flail my limbs to see that they aren't there. Upwards I'm pulled straight through the roof. I'm given hands to craft this sky and build the things that I choose. Build the monolith just to let you know, I'll be seeing you in every cloud of gold. The inscription reads, "In dreams we're still alive and when the curtains lift I'll be staring into your eyes." The stars above will craft your face, your knowledge built from time and space. Your voice will be the whipping winds. I'll smile to hear you speak again. I've been told God's the lonely one in a city made of Ivory, but here I stand above the world in my father's company. Dissapate into memory, the crows have called my name. They rip me out from the sky. I'm thrown right back into my chains.


from سأكون رؤيتكم (I'll Be Seeing You), released November 27, 2012


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Glory Kid Seattle, Washington

Glory Kid is a independent record company and publisher that releases works from artists spanning the globe. Established in 2001 in Socal. Now located in Seattle, WA.

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